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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me || Midwest Photographer


Hey friends – I’m super excited to start this mini series of “Things You Didn’t Know About Me.” I always love reading these types of posts, and I thought it sounded fun – so let’s give it a try! I’m hoping to share a few things you might not know about the real Haley Nicole. I try to be extremely candid on my Instagram and Facebook, but sometimes, things get left out or forgotten. So, let’s get started – I’m hoping you’ll be able to connect on a few of these!

  1. I believe Fridays were made to be movie and pizza night.

    In my book, you’re not doing Friday night right if you’re not watching a great movie while eating a hot slice of pizza. When Hayden and I got married, I had to explain to him that this was something my family did nearly every week. It is still one of my favorite ways to start the weekend. P.S. Papa Johns pepperoni pizza is my favorite take-out.

  2. I excitedly celebrate every major holiday.

    I’m that one person that gets excited for every holiday. I dress in the colors, and I have a mental countdown going on in my head. I’m always trying to find music or a movie that goes with the holiday. I also love decorating and baking treats that correspond with the festivities.

  3. I’ve only broken one bone.

    Eighth grade. I fell down a flight of stairs and broke my elbow. Extremely uncomfortable and very annoying – I had to wear a sling to the eighth grade dance. I was devastated.

  4. I have no arm strength.

    No, this is not in relation to breaking my arm. I am extremely weak when it comes to upper body strength. I try to tell myself I’ve gotten better in recent year, but y’all, it’s still not that impressive.

  5. 95% of the time, I have LOTS of energy.

    I think people typically assume I have had several cups of coffee, but truth be told, I’m just extremely energetic. If you knew me when I was younger, this is probably no surprise. My parents received notes from my teachers in grade school stating that I was an excellent student, but I was a little too chatty. I’ve always talked and moved fast, and as much as I try to “chill out” it just doesn’t work.

I’m excited to share more in the second post of this series!

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