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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me Vol. II

Hey y’all, so it’s been a bit since my last “5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me,” and I figured it was time to share some more interesting facts. Because let’s face it, you can only get to know someone through internet soo much! Here we go –

  1. I have horrible eyesight.

    It’s true! Ever since I was in the fourth grade, I’ve had trouble seeing, and I’ve had to wear glasses. In the seventh grade, my parents got me contact lenses {thank ya Jesus!}, and since then, I have been wearing contacts nearly everyday. I joke that I am almost blind without my glasses. While that might be an exaggeration, it is true that I can barely see without wearing my prescription.

  2. I am a scared-y cat.

    I think I’ve shared this a few times on my Instagram, but y’all, I cannot handle anything scary! I can’t watch anything that is even slightly scary. A few years ago, I went and saw Disney’s Big Hero 6, and I was scared watching it in theaters! Pathetic I know!! I think it’s the creepy, suspenseful music that they play in the background that really spooks me out. I know so many people that enjoy going to haunted houses each fall, but I can promise you will never find me at one of those places.

  3. Our puppy, Harper Lee, was a surprise!!

    Our sweet and sassy golden retriever, Harper Lee, currently lives at my parents’ house because we live ins such a small apartment, and she needs ALL the space she can get. Harper was a surprise that Hayden gave me for my nineteenth birthday. I had recently lost my previous golden, Annie, and I had been wishing for a new puppy. Hayden arranged it with my parents, and he surprised me with Harper!! Harper is literally the craziest, goofiest dog I’ve met, and if you follow my IG stories, you’ve probably heard me talk about her a time or two. She makes me laugh every time I’m home, and I’m so thankful Hayden gave her to me!

  4. I didn’t know how to say my last name.

    When I meet people for the first time, they are often confused on how to say my last name. I completely understand! Hayden and I started dating not long after week met. I saw his name on social media, but he never introduced himself with his first and last name. So, I didn’t know how to say his last name. It’s a pretty awkward thing to be dating someone and have no clue how to say their last name. So, for the first several weeks, every time someone would say it, I would try to figure out exactly how to repeat it. Here’s the easiest way I can explain how to pronounce it: {Klockenga} clock-in-gay. I hope that helps!!

  5. I wanted to go to school to be a filmmaker. 

    This might not be a surprise to you, but I wanted to go to school to be a cinematographer or director. I was accepted in Southern Illinois University – Carbondale’s Cinema program. I planned to go, paid my deposit, and had my sights set on double majoring in business and cinema. Things changed half-way through my senior year. I met Hayden, and I knew that he was something special. I knew that if I wanted my dream of making Hollywood blockbusters to come true, I would have to move across the country at some point. I decided to revoke my admission, and go to a school closer to home and major in marketing. I am still absolutely in love with filmmaking, and I am intrigued by the process to make major films.



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