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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me Vol. III

This series of “5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me” has become one of my favorite and hardest to write series! At first, I thought it would be easy coming up with random facts about myself, but it turns out it’s much harder than it seems! If you haven’t been here for the entire journey, you can catch up with volume I and volume II. Oh, and Hayden did his own speciality version when he took over my Instagram last year. You can read his, here!

Anyways, let kick this off!

  1. I can play 3 instruments!

    Well, kind of… I learned the violin growing up, but I haven’t played it since the fifth grade. I still love classical music, and I would love to listen to an symphony live one day. I also play the guitar and piano. I’ve found the guitar to be most useful around a campfire or on the beach. Fun fact – the first song I learned how to play was an old Taylor Swift classic.

  2. I’m obsessed with Princess Diaries.

    I loved the movies when they came out, and I LOVE them now. Anne Hathaway + Julie Andrews are both AMAZING. My sister Halle and I love to quote the show, and I could probably quote both of them all of the way through. I dare say I like the second more than the first. If you’re a fan of the shows- let me know!

  3. We’re currently enthralled with detective shows.

    I close my eyes through half of the show, but I love them! Right now, we switch back and forth between Sherlock and Monk. Sherlock is on Netflix, and Monk is on Prime. I grew up watching Monk with my family every Friday night, so it’s been great to rewatch them with Hayden! If you haven’t tried either of these – you seriously need to! They are so good, slightly funny, and good for those of us who can’t handle anything scary.

  4. I would LOVE to live in the South.

    Never say never, but I highly doubt we’ll move to South Carolina or Georgia someday. However, I would love to live in a charming Southern city. I can’t get enough of Southern hospitality, biscuits, sweet tea, country music, and those darlin’ accents. Gosh – I wish I could pack up and move their right now. If I had to pick – I’d probably end up in Hilton Head Island, Charleston, or near Tybee Island. Hurricane season makes me a little nervous, but those beach views and gorgeous Spanish moss might make up for it.

  5. I love New England!

    In a complete contrast to the point just above this – I love New England. Hayden and I plan to visit each state before our 50th wedding anniversary, and I can’t wait to visit several states in the Northeast. In the photos I’ve seen, everything looks so quaint and proper. Plus, I love light houses, and I’m dying to visit several along the shore. Watching Gilmore Girls has definitely increased my love for the Northeast, and I SO wish Stars Hollow was a real place!

Until next time…. xoxo!

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