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Paying Attention to Your Ideal Client || Midwest Photographer

I am so excited to share about today’s topic because it was something that I struggled with when I first started my business, and I often hear new business owners struggling with this as well. When you first start a business or kick off your side hustle, it’s easy to want to take EVERY single client/business that comes your way. It’s taken me awhile to come to the understanding that everyone who reaches out to me for photography or business advice is not my ideal client. I used to get so disappointed that someone would contact me, and then they’d ghost me. What did I do wrong? Were my prices too high for my work? Did I say something offensive? l allowed my mind to run away in these moments, and it left me feeling low about myself and the work I was doing.

Today’s note is a bit of encouragement mixed in with a few tips about why you should be focusing on your ideal client. Once I switched my mindset from “I want to book everyone that contacts me” to “I want to book my ideal client” I was able to find so much more peace.

Who Is My Ideal Client?

Good question – I don’t know! Every business’s ideal client is different. For example, my ideal senior client is a girl (ages 17-18) who seeks joy in life, loves to laugh, enjoys trying new things, and feels loved by words of affirmation. Now, every girl I book and serve does not necessarily meet that exact description, and that’s okay! However, most of my girls can relate to some of those (and other) qualities that make up my ideal client.

What Do I Do With That Information?

You apply it! You know who your ideal client is – so you reach out to them. You take all the information you know about this ideal client profile, and you see how you can incorporate that into your marketing and client experience.

So Is Everyone That Contacts Me An Ideal Client?

No, it’s very likely that you’ll have others that don’t exactly match your ideal client profile contact you. That’s completely okay! This is where I’ve found peace in having people not book my services. I use to take it very personally. I love my business, and I’m so passionate about how I serve my clients. (Don’t get me wrong, you should evaluate your business from time-to-time. Maybe you are doing something wrong.) I’ve found peace that my ideal client likes and LOVES the work I produce, and they are excited about working with me. If someone isn’t interested, ghosts me, makes rude comments, I know that they are in fact not my ideal client. I can’t get upset or carried away when it’s not “my fault” or anything that I specifically did. We just aren’t a match.

How Do I Move Forward?

Continue to pursue your ideal client: their needs, wants, dream… you name it! Keep striving to be exactly what they need. If you then are still struggling to gain business, take a deep look into what you are doing. Have a close family member, friend, or business coach evaluate your business. Perhaps you’re missing something small and that’s why your ideal client isn’t booking with you.

Enjoy this bit of educational content? I LOVE hearing what you’re needing help in! Feel free to comment here or message me at hello@haley-nicole.com

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