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Welcome to Lincoln, IL!! || Central Illinois Photographer

Well, this past weekend, we made the BIG move, and we’re officially residents of Lincoln, IL for the next 10 weeks! I am so excited to get to know the area and to explore a new space. While there isn’t too much to do – that won’t bother us! We’re in to really cheap and simple date nights – checking out movie theaters, ice cream stands, and finding the nearest lake. We are excited to just be in a new place and meet some new people.

Week one hasn’t been that crazy! We’re settling in to our space at Hayden’s family’s home. They’re amazing! It’s amazing how different things make it feel like your place – cooking familiar meals, lighting candles that smell like home. The biggest change is that we’ve been getting up at 5:15 every morning! {By every morning, I mean it’s Thursday – so it’s been 4 days.} It’s crazy how much bigger your day feels by getting up earlier. It’s also crazy how much more tired you feel around 8pm.

I am so excited to be offering a few sessions while I’m in the area this summer – so if you’d love to visit or if you’re local send a message! I’d love to work together while I’m in a new place! Downtown Lincoln has some of the best brick walls and alleys so mix that with the open fields and gorgeous sunsets and this is THE place for sessions! I’m so excited that a few of Senior Spokesmodels will be traveling up here for photos!!

Can’t wait to share more adventures with y’all soon!



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