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5 Summer Trends You Should Try For Your Senior Session! || Southern Illinois Senior Photographer

Summer sessions are coming up, and I am so excited to hang out with so many fun seniors! As I’ve shared before, summer sessions are my favorite because of the bright and fun colors, and I fully believe that by picking fun outfits and trends – you can amp up your images even more. I’m sharing 5 trends I think you should consider trying this summer for photos! Let’s get started!

  1. Off-The-Shoulder Tops/Dresses 

    Alright y’all, I’ll admit this wasn’t my favorite in the beginning because it does restrict a little bit of movement, but I’ll be the first to tell you I’m on board now. Find this style in a bold color – like my dress below – and it is the PERFECT summer look. Fresh, fun…and a little flirty!

  2. Jean Mini Skirts

    I had SO many seniors wear these last year, and y’all, I was obsessed. I would suggest finding one at a modest length – it doesn’t have to be to your knees – but you’ll want to be able to do different poses. You won’t want your outfit to limit your photo options.

  3. Overalls/Shortalls

    Not going to lie – after seeing Mady in these last year I got a pair! Gosh, they are just so cute and scream summer! For underneath the overalls, you can pair a t-shirt, tank top, or a striped shirt. For a classier look, I suggest finding overalls without too much distressing and making sure that you’re covered in your midriff area. Also pairing your overalls with classic color tops and prints will make it look classier while pairing it with plaid will give you more of a rural look.

  4. High-Waisted Jeans

    I don’t know why I personally waited so long to latch on to this trend, but I’m encouraging my seniors to jump aboard if you haven’t already. Seriously so cute – especially when they are distressed! Gosh, I love this, and I think they are the perfect way to bring variety to your senior photos.

  5. COLOR!

    I know everyone loves a good neutral top, but truth is color shows up SO much better in photos. Summer photos are the PERFECT opportunity to add a pop of color! If you’re afraid to wear a bold pattern or a really bright color, try to find a bolder basic top and add some jewelry. Try to stay away from tans, whites, and “washed” looks at they don’t add the same pop that a bright green, blue, yellow, or red top would.

Y’all I have SO many more things to share, but I’m going to stop right there! Stay tuned on my Instagram stories where I will be sharing more styling tips and senior photos prep ideas!


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