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3 Steps to Take Better iPhone Photos of Your Coffee! || Southern Illinois Photographer

So let me just start out by saying it’s insanely embarrassing for the amount of “evidence” I could searched through for this blog post. Apparently, I have a thing for taking photos of my coffee! I’m not sure what it is, but honest to goodness, every time I get a pretty cup of joe… I just have to take a photo!

If you’re like me and you’re wanting to take more “Insta-worthy” coffee photos, then wait no longer! Today, I’m covering 3 easy steps to elevate your coffee pictures from ehhh to ooooh!!! Enough joking around – let’s get started!

  1. LIGHT!
    As most know, having good lighting can automatically make any photo better. If you arrive to a coffee shop, and you’re hoping to get a good photo, I would suggest finding a place next to a window. The bigger the window the better, and if it’s possible to find a window next to a white wall – GO FOR IT! Having lots of light coming into your photo will give you a clearer photo. Since you’ll likely be using an iPhone or Android, you won’t have the ability to adjust light in your camera as much, so you’ll want to take full advantage of windows and bright spaces.
  2. Clean Background
    If you’re wanting to make your coffee photo look even more professional, cleaning up the background will help polish up your photo. Now, you can’t often choose if the coffee shop you’re at is busy or empty. That’s why many of my coffee photos are “flat lay” or shot over the top of the cup. This way if there are a MILLION things going on around me – you can’t tell when you see the photo! I also like to choose tables that are clean. Now, I don’t just mean they don’t have crumbs on them {although that is important}. I love to find a white table – or a light, neutral color table – as it reflects light and it looks really clean and crisp in the photo.
  3. Ask for a mug!
    I often go to a new coffee shop, and I forget to tell them I’m dining in. While it’s really not that big of a deal, this likely means I’ll receive my coffee in a to-go cup. If you’re looking for the *perfect* insta-worthy shot, you’re going to want a nice mug! Most local coffee shops have these available – you just need to request one! If you’re making coffee at home, then I suggest choosing one of your mugs that is white or a color that goes well with the surroundings!

    BONUS: *Insert Eye Roll* Paint Your Nails! Okay, I know it sounds petty, but seriously painting your nails adds a pretty pop of color for those gorgeous *oh, I’m just sipping on my coffee* photos! haha!


I hope y’all enjoyed this & best of luck on capturing that perfect shot!
*All of the photos above were captured on an iPhone 7*


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