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How To Get Cute Apple Orchard Pictures || Mount Vernon Southern Illinois Photographer

It’s THAT time of the year again – you know when all of us girls RAVE about how we LOVE all things fall. Not going to lie, that’s totally me. Y’all know summer is my favorite season (you know, besides Christmas), but I still have a DEEP love for fall. The colors, outfits, cute photo opts, and yummy desserts – I won’t hide it – I’m so excited!!

One of our favorite things to do during the fall is visit apple orchards – not only do they embody all the cute parts of fall… you get to eat at the same time. (That’s a major win in my books.) However, I’ve totally “been there” when you have hopes of a really cute Pinterest worthy photo, and then, it’s a flop. You can’t get the right angle, the pose isn’t working out, and all of a sudden your dream photo isn’t happening!

I want to show you a few EASY steps that can elevate your apple orchard photos! Let’s get started!

  1. Use the trees to block light

    Odds are you are visiting an apple orchard during a sunnier part of the day. Be sure to use the the trees to block out harsh light. In these examples, you can see that the sun is coming in from behind the subject and that helps me have even light on their face/front of their body. This will help you avoid random light patches or “hot spots” on your subject.

  2. Use FUN poses

    This first photo is obviously from an old iPhone, but I still love it – so I threw it in the mix! Get creative with how you pose at an orchard. Pick from someone’s shoulders or do a fun piggy back pose! Take advantage of your surroundings! It’s not every day that you’re at an apple orchard!

  3. Try different angles

    One of my favorite ways to shoot at an apple orchard is to have a subject sit on the ground. Make sure that you select a location that has a few apple lying around on the ground – be sure to check that they aren’t extra brown or gross. Sitting poses are some of my favorite (& super easy!!), and I especially love them at orchards!

  4. Watch what colors you wear

    To give yourself the FULL fall effect, take time in picking what you’re going to wear. If it’s not the right temperature for sweaters, select items that still look fall-ish. In these photos, it was 90* outside. There was no way I was going to wear a sweater – it would have been miserable! So instead, I paired a corduroy mini skirt – a combo of a fall texture with less fabric – and a tan striped shirt. These colors are in the warmer/cozier color palette and give more of a fall feel versus a kelly green top or a hot pink dress. In the other photo, Halle is wearing one of my Haley Nicole Photography shirts. This is another option – wearing red to help the color of the apples pop better in your photos! Plus, y’all know I’ll take ANY reason to wear more red! 😉


    Last, but certainly not least – just have fun! I think people see cute Instagram or Pinterest photos and get nervous what others might think when they’re taking them. Guess what – it really doesn’t matter. Have fun! Be silly! I promise life is so much more fun if you’re goofy and silly every once in a while!

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