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Bailee City Museum Senior Session || Southern Illinois Photographer

Y’all, I’ve been so excited to share this session with you since the day I took these photos! When I asked Bailee how she envisioned her senior session the first word that popped out of her mouth was “different.” She told me that she didn’t want a typical park senior session. She wanted to do something out of the box! We both agreed that the St. Louis City Museum was the perfect location for a different session! If you’ve been to the City Museum then you know there is nothing normal about it! There is something unique and different around every corner. It was the PERFECT backdrop to Bailee’s session!

We were a little bit of EVERYWHERE for Bailee’s session! We decided to shoot most of Bailee’s images on the rooftop thanks to a gorgeous fall day, and we of course took advantage of some of the unique indoor spaces as well. I can’t imagine how long it would take to photograph in every room! This was by far the most fast paced senior session I’ve had. There was just SO many options, and we were both so excited!!!

If you didn’t know, Bailee is a senior at Sandoval High School, and she is one of my Class of 2020 Senior Spokesmodels. This girl is all sorts of fun and always entertaining! She cracks me up! The thing I love about Bailee is she isn’t afraid to “bring the energy.” As a fellow high energy person, it’s fun to be around someone that enjoys pumping up the team and getting everyone excited. When our Spokesmodel team gets together, Bailee is always one of the first ones to get everyone moving and involved. I have no doubt that she’ll bring that infectious energy to whatever career she chooses!

I’m so excited for y’all to see her session! Take a look below!! If you’ve been to the City Museum, I’d love to hear what part of it is your favorite!



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