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Coffee Talk – 5.5.20

Hey y’all back with my second Coffee Talk series! (You can catch up on the last one, here.) What a crazy CRAZY world we live in! I’ll be honest that when I wrote the last Coffee Talk post in April, I was very confident that my May post would be from an un-shelter in place home. Welllllll, not so much. Just like many of you, we’re still confined to our home. It’s easy for me to pick out MANY things I miss, but I will share that I am SOOO grateful for our home. This week marks 1 year since Hayden and I packed everything in our cars and drove state-to-state living on the road for 9 months. I knew during those 9 months that once we did have a home I would be extremely grateful – and I am! There’s nothing like having a safe place to go to, and in these uncertain (& might I say scary) times it is SO wonderful to have a place of our own. Anyways, let’s get this coffee talk started!!

Personal Life

Well, this hasn’t changed too much! We still haven’t been able to get out and see others. However, we do have a schedule of when we get on video calls with different church groups, and we are regularly seeing our families from a distance. Since I’m at risk, we’ve been VERY careful to not come in contact with anyone. We’re getting creative with how we see our family without really interacting with them – bonfires (we each bring all of our own stuff and be sure to stay on opposite sides of the fire), outdoor movie nights (one family brings a projector/computer and each family brings their own treats), and even cleaning out garden beds (use your own gardening supplies and each person takes a section spread out). Being around our family is one of our tip top things of importance, and we decided that we weren’t going to let COVID ruin the fun we typically have together. So, yes, things look VERY different, and they feel different. However, just seeing someone in person (from a good distance) makes you feel a lot closer than just seeing them on the screen. In other news, Hayden and I are really working away on the nursery!! We have hopes that things will clear up this summer, and we know we’ll want to go out and do different activities away from the house. So, we decided to spend the time we have at home working on little man’s nursery! We’re SO so excited!! The crib should arrive any day now!!

Work Life

Once again, my sessions have been pushed back. I’ve seen some photographers get out, however, since we’ve been asked to stay at home (and I’m at risk), I’m following that protocol. It’s sad to have to wait, but I am SO SO SOOOOO excited for the remaining Class of 2020 sessions I have PLUS all of the new CLASS of 2021 sessions!!!!! Y’all, I love my #HNSeniors!! This time away has made me miss them so so so so much!!!


If there’s anything I’ve seen improvement on in my faith over the past 2 months it’s giving up control. NOW HOLD ON… I have not mastered this in ANYWAY (oh gosh, far from it!). However, in the past 2 months, my eyes have really been opened. I don’t need to control everything – God does a much better job than I do, and frankly, it’s a waste of time for me to try to nit pick at every single thing that I can’t control. I’ll be honest that is really difficult to be expecting a baby during pandemic. I want control. I want to know that everything is going to be okay…that my baby will be healthy…that my family will get to meet him. However, that’s not something I need to worry about. Hayden and I prayed for God’s timing with having kids, and with that, I know He planned and desired us to have this baby during the middle of a pandemic. I’m really not sure why – and I may never know, but I know His plan is greater than mine. No matter what our circumstances look like (I get sick, baby gets sick, no one meets him, or everything is completely normal!), I know that He is in control, and I know that somehow this fits into His master plan.


Whew! Okay – so this topic again! I will admit it’s a lot hard to stay motivated when you feel like the wind gets knocked out of you 90% of the time! I’ve still been running 3 days a week, but y’all it’s tough with a baby!! I’m hoping and praying all of this running will benefit me this fall! I’m also hopeful I will be able to swim in a few weeks as think that would be an amazing cross training workout. Anyone have any somewhat easy swimming workouts they want to share?!?!

Things I’m Loving:

  • I’ve been baking and cooking a lot more!!!! Oh my goodness – so many yummy things!!! This past weekend was homemade soft pretzels and calzones. Trying to figure out what I’m conquering next!
  • The warmer weather!!!! Thank you JESUS!!! Seriously, I love summer, and it was 85* and sunny this weekend. I loved it so so much!!
  • Our Starbucks opened back up! Sounds silly, but it’s so nice to treat yourself to a fun coffee every now and then. Plus, my birthday is this month, and it’s embarrassing, but I was worried I wasn’t going to get my free drink. I look forward to that every year!
  • Everything baby boy!! Okay so this is obvious, but I am just getting so so excited for little man to join us in October, and since we’re not going anywhere – I’m planning and dreaming (because that makes me happy!). I’ve snagged some great deals online, and I’m just loving it!
  • T-shirt dresses are my favorite thing to wear right now! I’ve always loved them (take a look at Old Navy and GAP), but this year, they are such a big help since my size is changing nearly daily! I snagged a few on sale at GAP Factory last month, and they are just so comfy!

Chat with you soon!



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