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Family Photos Summer 2020

Well y’all, it’s that time of the year again! I absolutely LOVE summer, and I love taking our family’s photo in the summer. It’s typically a little easier to get together (versus during the school year as my parents are teachers!), and we all are a little more tan (emphasis on little – I’m easily dehydrated this year, and I haven’t spend much time outside). I also LOVE the bright greens and yellows.

Last year, my family’s group photo was at my brother, Taylor, and his wife’s (my now sister), Hannah Marie, wedding! I’m about to enter my third trimester of Baby Klock’s pregnancy, and truthfully, getting my photo taken is not a high want or desire right now. However, I wanted to make sure that we documented how much changed happened from Taylor and Hannah getting married last year, to this year’s pregnancy, and then, next year when Baby Klock is a giggly 9 month old! I’m sure I’ll appreciate these photos of our family (& my very pregnant self) in the future.

My mom, Hannah Marie, and I planned this fun impromptu family session. I LOVE how it turned out! I personally love when families mix patterns in their photos. I just think it is SO much more fun, and I really wanted to try that out this year. I think last time we had photos taken I just got a little too nervous that it all wasn’t going to go together well. Well, this time I tried it out, and I really love how it turned out. I think the key is to have one main outfit that is the center for all of the different colors (Hannah Marie’s). That outfit should probably be a pattern so that it contains several different colors. I could share so much more on this – and I’m thinking I should write a whole blog post on it. So stay tuned for that!!

Anyways, it is SO nice to have these photos! I’m hoping that we’ll be able to get another big group photo session in this fall right after our little man has arrived. However, we just have no clue what our schedules or what state the world will be in – so we’re so thankful that we were at least able to get these photos taken for the year.

Take a look below!

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