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Lewis Golden Retrievers Puppies

Y’all! I can barely contain my excitement!!! If you know me, I’ve always been a golden retriever loving girl. I am so SO excited to share about this fun little partnership photoshoot with Lewis Golden Retrievers.

My love for goldens goes way back! I don’t really know how young I was when we got our first golden, Annie. I think I was probably around 2nd or 3rd grade. Annie was the SWEETEST dog ever, and she lived with our family for over 13 years. Now our family has our crazy (& dare I say psycho) Harper Lee, and my love for sweet goldens is stronger than ever. There’s something about a golden retriever that just makes you smile…or at least that’s the case for me! Anyway, I was so excited for this photoshoot because 1) when else in life do you get to play with 10 golden retriever puppies and 2) the owner of Lewis Golden Retrievers is only 14, and she one of the sweetest and kindest business owners!

Do y’all remember two years ago when I did a super cute and fun fall bonfire photoshoot with my Senior Spokesmodels (see it here!)? Well, the golden retriever that was in that session is owned by Molly the owner of Lewis Golden Retrievers, and since that session, her dog, Bella, has had three litters! Molly is only 14, but now, she runs the business all on her own! Anyways, Molly and I decided to team up to have a fun photoshoot for Bella’s last litter. Just as a heads up, all of these sweet little pups already have their forever families, and the next litter of goldens will be available in 2022. You can follow along on Lewis Golden Retrievers Facebook page for more updates!

Alright, alright!! Enough chit-chat, let’s see these cute puppies!!!!

This is sweet Molly with Bella, and her newest pup that will be taking over the business, Remi! Y’all know I HAD to get in a few photos with these sweet pups. It was clearly for research purposes…no fun at all! 😉

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