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Coffee Talk 9.15.20

Hey y’all, it’s been a bit since a coffee talk post, and I figured it was about time…since life is about to get REALLY crazy! So let’s dig in!!

Personal Life

In just a very, VERY short time we will be welcoming Baby Klock, and we’re so excited! Life has been crazy this year, and we believe meeting Baby Klock will completely 180* change 2020 for the better!! Hayden and I haven’t been able to adventure as much as we’d like, but we have been able to enjoy a lot of walks at nearby parks, ice cream at local spots, and finishing to-do list after to-do list! While we wish that we could’ve enjoyed a few last travels as a couple, 2020 has helped us slow down and focus on what really matters!

Work Life

Since we’re only weeks away from meeting Baby Klock, I’m officially on session maternity leave! I LOVED getting to spend time with so many wonderful HNSeniors over the summer, and I am going to miss hanging out with my girls all fall. (However, newborn baby snuggles will TOTALLY make it worth it.) I’m excited to bring sessions back in January, and I’m fully enjoying this break. In the past month, I announced a little side hustle…The Joyful Collective Co! We released some fall prints, and right now, we’re gearing up for a fun Christmas launch! I’m really excited for it!!


I shared last time that this year has been challenging for my faith. I’m definitely feeling more peace in these past few months, and I am so grateful. There are very, very few things I can control, and I’m working to just have complete faith in God with everything else. It seems pretty straightforward, but it’s hard for me. Anyways, I’m extremely grateful for our married couples small group that has continued to meet (remotely) this year. We’re now on a daily study, and it’s great to be in the Word daily with our friends.


Not necessarily the top of my priorities right now! I am trying to focus on more of what I’m eating and trying to make better choices. I completely agree that pregnancy should be a time to enjoy food, but I also want to try to be a little healthier as I finish up this chapter. I am really eager to get back to working out regularly. Running has always been a stress reliever for me, and I’m antsy to get back to doing something running related…even if it’s REALLY slow.

Things I’m Loving:

  • The leaves are changing, and y’all, I am HERE. FOR. IT!! I just want to drive around the countryside and look at all the changing colors!
  • Cardigans – nothing quite fits the same in the ninth month of pregnancy and cardigans are a saving grace + they’re fall-ish!
  • Morning Walks – I try to go for a short walk every morning, and it’s crazy how a little stroll can give me such a boost for the day. I’m excited to add our little man to these walks soon!!
  • Bonfires – we moved into our home almost a year ago, and we just recently had our first bonfire in the fire ring out back. Not sure why we waited this long, but it was SO nice! I’m hoping we can have another real soon!
  • Slow Sunday mornings – In the past, I’ve tried to get ALL the things done Sunday morning before church. This past month, Hayden and I have had the slowest, chillest Sunday mornings, as we know life is about to change. We know it’s short lived, but we’re enjoying in for the meantime.

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