Y’all, I’m not sure why it has taken me THIS long to realize how amazing my Canon 5D Mark iv is for taking self-timer photos. Hayden and I have been using the self timer for YEARS (with my mark iv and previously with my mark ii and mark iii). This is the only way we’ve been able to get great images on my “big” camera when no one else is around. (We love taking at least one good photo on every trip we go on.) Well, now that we have Beckham, it is 10x harder to get a good photo. In the past, I would push the capture button and run back to be in the shot. It worked well, but it was always a bit of a guessing game if it would actually remain in focus and if I’d get in the right place at the right time.

While I’ve been using the Canon Camera Connect App with the Mark iv for several months, I’ve only used it to download images to my phone. Yesterday, I finally had a chance to use the “remote live view shooting.” WHAT HAVE I BEEN WAITING FOR?!?! Those were my exact thoughts when I started using the app. The live view mode is basically like looking through the viewfinder. You can tap on the screen what you want in focus, and then click to capture the image! Pro move: set a 2 sec timer on your camera! This will allow you to click the capture button, hide your phone, and get prepped in the frame!

So, if you’re like me, and this year you’re aching to get a new family photo…but you don’t want anyone in your house to take one – give this a go! Here is my step-by-step to getting a good family pic with your wifi enabled camera within a half hour (Yes, from start to finish y’all!).

  1. Pick coordinating outfits with what’s in your closet – just select and go! Don’t over think!
  2. Connect your camera to your phone (full tutorial coming soon – I learned via Youtube).
  3. Place camera on a tripod in the brightest natural light room in your home at the brightest time of day.
  4. Place a toy on camera for little ones to look at!
  5. Set camera timer to 2 seconds
  6. Smoosh family on the couch/chair/floor and get in place
  7. Open remote live view shooting and snap the image (P.S. if you can’t get your family to look at the camera…go with it! Be silly or candid!)
  8. Finish everything off by downloading the images to your phone with the Canon App and editing with Lightroom Mobile!

And there ya have it!

Here’s a few from our photo session (right before Beckham’s nap!). We ended up doing a “sleeping” image at the end…because Beckham couldn’t keep his eyes open. Just go with it!

Actually getting the app figured out!

January 12, 2021

How to Take Self-Timer Family Photos with Your Canon 5D Mark iv

Haley Nicole

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