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10 Easy September Activities for the Whole Family

Hey, hey friends! Y’all know I am ALL about doing fun fall activities, and if they are free then they are REALLY up my ally! I’ve pulled together some simple ideas of things you can do with your family this fall. All of these are cheap or free – so no worries about pulling together a big budget and spending lots of money. The whole focus is just to do things together and make memories!

10 Easy September Activities:

Apple Picking

Apple picking is something we do EVERY year. We have a local spot we love where they even make their own apple slushies. This activity is fun because it can either be a few minutes long to pick up pre-picked apples or 30 mins of us picking our own.

Family Photos

This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this is an activity that’s fun to look back on…later! 😉 I know it takes some prep, but make it fun for the whole fam! For little or older kiddos, treat them to ice cream afterwards or a fun park they’ve been wanting to visit. I promise any hassle is worth it because you’ll have these images to look back on for YEARS!!! P.S. You don’t have to hire a professional. Take self timer photos on your iPhone or Android, and then use the Bright and Bold Preset to edit!

Fall Scavenger Hunt

Okay, this takes a little bit of planning (although you could easily Pinterest it!). All you have to do is write down a list of items to find and hop in the car and go searching! It’s an easy way to get out of your house, but it’s free!!

Movie Night

Movie nights are ALWAYS a favorite for me! September is a little too early to watch Halloween movies, but you can always marathon any of your favorites. Maybe work through all the original Disney cartoons or watch all of the Marvel films – do it together and then “grade” each movie when you’re done!

Football Game

I’m not from the South, but y’all, I LOVE a good football Friday night or SEC Saturday. Last year, we decided to try a new fun game time food every week – nachos, wings, sliders – it was so nice to look forward to something yummy each week.

Small Town Festival

No matter where you’re from, there’s a good chance a small town hole-in-the-wall festival is just around the corner. This might be a whole day thing, a few hours, or even just driving by because there’s not much to do. No matter how big of a deal they are, we love just driving around to see different festivals, and of course, we enjoy ice cream after!

Sunset Walk

As the sunset happens earlier and earlier each night, it’s nice to enjoy some of the last bits of warm weather for the year on a sunset walk!

Campfire + S’mores

Of course, if you have kiddos you’ll have to be extra careful, but nothing says fall like bonfire weather!! I love a good campfire with s’mores, and this will be something your kids will want to do every year. Don’t have a fireplace or fire pit? No worries – try using a grill or just microwave the marshmallows!

Decorate the House

Y’all know I LOVE to decorate, but let’s be real decorations can be PRICEY. I always love to move around decoration pieces from year to year so that way it kinda feels fresh and new. We also plan to purchase one new decor piece every year. Are you on an extremely tight budget? Make your own decorations! There are a ton of easy, cheap decoration ideas on Pinterest – for kids or adults!

Fall Baking Day

This is one of my favorite traditions we’ve started, and there’s a role for everyone: the planner, chef, and of course, taste testers!! We love picking a few different treats to bake. We keep some of the desserts for ourselves, and then, we share a plate with a neighbor or two! I always love making pumpkin bread and some type of fall donut!

Let me know what your favorite September family activities are – I’m always looking for new ones!

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