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Coffee Talk 9.9.21

Hey, hey friends!!

Long time – no talk….well, kinda! I’ve been on the blog lately, but holy cow, it has been awhile since a coffee talk. So, let’s get to it!!


Our crew has been busy just living life in 2021! I keep telling Hayden that I want life to SLOW DOWN. Beckham will turn 1 next month (which reminds me I need to share his 11 month photos). We have so many things coming up in the next few weeks, but I am just so grateful. We had an amazing summer with family. We were able to visit a new state – Alabama!! Our sister Hannah Beth got engaged. We’ve enjoyed slow evening, long car rides, late night dinners, and fun game nights as a family of three. Life is good. There’s definitely been some bumps in the road, some things that frustrate us, people who say mean things, but y’all, over all life is good. 2021 isn’t over yet – I’m confident more good is still to come!

Work Life

I have some REALLY fun things in the works for my sister company – Bright and Bold Photog! I launched this in January/February, and I’m excited to kick things up here!!!!


Whew. It seems every time I type one of these posts I say that I’m being challenged – I don’t know what that says about me, but it’s the truth. I’ve felt God calling me in different ways than ever before this year, and I feel closer to Him than I have in years past. However, I won’t say it’s easy. It’s an every day, sometimes every moment, prayer for God to lead me and guide me in places and situations He’s called me to. It’s easy to share that God is doing good things in my life, but it’s hard to share that it is taking a LOT of effort, a LOT of tears, and a LOT of confusion in my current walk. I’m grateful for the ability to love and serve, but I want to be honest – it’s not easy.


Hayden and I are training for a half marathon. We’re actually less than a month away from race day, and I CAN’T WAIT. Honestly, I just want to be done – haha! I am so ready to cross that finish line and take a break. It really is fun and rewarding to run, but it’s also exhausting. Half marathon training is such a love/hate relationship for me – but so grateful Hayden is doing it with me this time. It is about 1000x better training with someone else!!

Things I’m Loving

  1. Fall and the crisp cool temps that are here!!!!
  2. Mom jeans and cropped pants – praise God something for us short people who love high waisted pants!
  3. Gilmore Girls and cheesy rom-coms – fall is my favorite season to watch these. Seriously, send me all of your recommendations!!
  4. Zinnias – see the main photo on this blog! My mom grew so many this year, and I’m in LOVE!!
  5. NEEDTOBREATHE’s new album – seriously, go give it a listen!!

Alright, y’all! Have a great day! Let’s chat soon!

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