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We’re Expecting! Baby Klock #2!

Let me just say…what a blessing to get to share this news with all of you. Hayden and I are absolutely thrilled to share that we are expecting another baby this July!! Becoming parents has been one of the biggest joys in life, and we are just SO excited to get to experience it all again.

We’re due in mid-July, and I am pretty early along. We decided to share early as we want to celebrate this wonderful life and ask for prayers for a smooth and easy pregnancy! We can’t stop smiling from being so excited!!

Take a look below at a few photos for our announcement! I am especially excited for the age gap between Beckham and Baby Klock #2 as it’s the same age gap as my brother and I. It will for sure be a handful to have two babies under two, but it’s a challenge we’re looking forward to figuring out. One big thing we’ve learned in this year+ with Beckham is that babies are only babies for so long. Beckham is already getting so much bigger, stronger, and older, and we can’t believe how fast it all happened!! (I mean people tell you this nonstop, but until you experience it you just don’t get it.)

Anyways, thank you for sharing in our excitement!! Please keep Baby Klock in your prayers!

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