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Goals for 2022! Let’s do this!

Hey friends! I can’t believe another year is HERE! Seriously – I can’t believe it. I know some people say that, but I’m not just saying it…I literally can’t believe it. Since having Beckham, our life is FLYING by, and I’m doing everything I can to soak in each and every moment. Last year was good, parts were rough, I was stretched, I learned a lot, we traveled, we stayed home, we laughed, Beckham grew, we’re growing our family, and a lot more happened. The best things happened offline…which led me to want to be offline a lot more. I’m in a weird place where I LOVE being off the grid, but my career/job is all online/wrapped around technology. So, it’s a confusing place to be sometimes.

Anyways, I am SO excited for a new year. The world has been really really weird in the last two years, and I honestly don’t think that’s going to stop anytime soon. If it’s not one thing – it’ll be another. That’s not to say I’m being negative or pessimistic. I’m just being realistic that I must find new ways to find joy and purpose, and y’all know I’m always up for a challenge.

I’m eager to dig into slow, intentional living, but also, I want to have a LOT of fun!! We are so excited to be expecting a baby this coming July 2022!!

Without further ado, here are my 2022 goals!

  • Workout regularly through pregnancy (I’m going to try really hard to stay active – even if it’s just a daily walk and a few weights!)
  • Read more books (Literally my goal every year, but I’m going to try some new tactics to accomplish this. My goal is 6 books. I know it’s low, and I hope to totally double or triple it…we’ll see!!)
  • Improve my daily quiet time with God (I’m going to try to get up earlier and just make it a part of my new routine.)
  • Travel to a new state (We are trying to plan for Spring 2022! So if you have any ideas let us know!)
  • More social media free days (We did this on vacation, and it was MAGICAL!!!!)
  • Take more photos of our daily life with my “real” camera
  • Get to know our neighbors better
  • Visit little coffee shops throughout Southern Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri (this is one of my favorite things to do!)
  • Overnight trip for just mom + dad (We haven’t done this yet, but I think it will be so good for our whole crew.)

Business Goals:

  • Grow Bright and Bold Photography!! (I am SO excited for this growth!)
  • Blog more on
  • Get back to being creative (I feel like I’ve started thinking creatively again since some of my business pressure has died down, and I’m hoping to expand on it this year.)

My word of the year this year is…


Just breathe. Hm. Simple and I like it!!! My goal is to yes…do a bunch of things, but I also feel called in this season of life to just breathe and enjoy all the simple moments. I have a natural desire to want more and do more, but I feel that this year, I just might need to sit and breathe. When life gets crazy with two under two, I’m going to remind myself to just breathe. I often think we try to fix things on our own, jump to the next step, and when actually, we just need to sit, breathe, and listen to where God is calling us. I’m eager to see how pausing, reflecting, and just breathing will change my perspective in 2022.

I am curious if you’ve picked a word or if you have any goals for the coming year. Just remember…there’s nothing special about January 1. You can pick ANY DAY to start living a more intentional life. Excited for you – and always cheering you on!!

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