Valentine's Day Gift Guide || Midwest Wedding Photographer - Louisville, Indianapolis, & St. Louis

  1. K&B Furniture Laptop Desk || LINK
    If you’re like me, I often find myself editing or working from my cozy couch, and it’s always a balancing act with my laptop, charger, and multiple hard drives. This laptop desk is the perfect solution to the stay-at-home entrepreneur. Avoid neck strain and balancing everything with this convenient desk.
  2. FarmGirl Flowers || LINK
    Y’all, I’ve bought FarmGirl Flowers a few times, and I am always SO impressed by the quality and design. This sweet company is centered in San Francisco, so you’ll want to order early if you live in the Midwest. Their attention to detail is incredible, and I am sure once you purchase one bouquet from them, you’ll be coming back for more!
  3. BlackRapid Breathe Cross Shot Camera Strap || LINK
    My BlackRapid strap was a HUGE help for me in 2017. This is the perfect starter strap to have your hands-free throughout sessions and travel!
  4. WoodWick® Trilogy Café Sweets Candle || LINK
    If you follow my Insta-stories, you’d know that I LOVE burning candles. Some how lighting a candle motivates me to work more efficiently. My sweet sister, Halle bought this for my mother-in-law for Christmas, and y’all, it smells SO good!!
  5. Naked2 Palette || LINK
    While these palettes have been around for a few years now, I still love the Naked2 palette, and I firmly believe everyone should own a least one! They are highly versatile, and I’ve loved the quality.
  6. Melted Latex Liquified High Shine Lipstick || LINK
    Red lipstick just goes hand-in-hand with Valentine’s Day, and I’m recommending this shade of Melted. I purchase Melted for my own wedding day, and I was pleasantly surprised how much I loved it! I hoping to add a few new shades to my collection this year!
  7. Convertible Ribbed Gloves || LINK
    2018 has already started off with a horrible cold streak, and I’m not sure it’s going to let up any time soon! I’ve realized that convertible gloves are the best for photoshoots as it allows me to still properly use my camera and keep a good portion of my hand warm.
  8. Ember Ceramic Mug || LINK
    I’ve heard SO many great things about this mug, and while I don’t own one, I think this sounds absolutely AMAZING. The Ember Ceramic Mug allows you to control the temperature of your drink…WHAT?!?!? If you know me, I LOVE my coffee to be super-hot, and I always find myself reheating it multiple times in the morning. I think this mug might just fix that problem!
  9. Everything Happens for a Reason Charm Bangle || LINK
    Lately, I’ve really started to love Alex and Ani bracelet’s. These adorable stackable bracelets add a pop to any outfit. Recently, Alex and Ani have collaborated with some of my favorite companies {like Disney}, and they produce limited-time designs.


Well friends, that’s it! I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!


February 6, 2018

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Creatives || Midwest Photographer

V-day Guide || Midwest Wedding Photographer - Louisville, Indianapolis, & St. Louis

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