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I realized the other day that so many of you don’t know my better half and best friend, Hayden. I’m starting a new blog series that will span out this year, and it’s called: Our Story! I love getting to know so many of my brides and grooms and one of my favorite questions to ask is “how did the two of you meet?” It’s always so fun for me to hear how love stories start. So here’s the beginning of our story!

The summer before my senior year of high school was a big one. I was a camp counselor at Oil Belt Christian Service Camp for a week of Junior High Athletes. At the time, I was really frustrated that I hadn’t dated anyone, and I felt so alone. I remember staying up late one night by myself and looking up at the stars. For so long, I had tried to take matters in my own hands and worried about who I would marry. That night, I fully surrendered this to God. I didn’t know what His plan looked like, but I told Him that I trusted whatever it looked like. I felt a weight lift off me, and I knew that something that worried me for so long would no longer bother me.

In the years leading up to this week of camp, I had prayed nearly every night that God would prepare me for my husband and prepare my husband for me. I prayed that when we met that everything would fall perfectly together. I am thrilled to say that God answered my prayer just as I had asked. I know that God doesn’t answer every prayer as we ask, but I am so thankful that I asked and it was given.


Anyway – after serving a week at camp, I felt God lay on my heart to attend another week, but this time as a camper. I really wasn’t keen on going away for another week, but I really felt led. I felt that this week was going to impact me, and I truly needed to go. So, I packed up my bag and went to the week of Deeper Life at Oil Belt Christian Service Camp.

Now, I’ll spare you every single detail, but some key point to include are the following. One, I saw Hayden on the first day of camp, and originally thought he was a camp counselor! I knew that flirting with a counselor was a major no {I feel like Disney has definitely made a movie about this}, so I knew that I had no chance. However, mid-week I learned that Hayden was actually a student who could just grow a really manly beard. Two, I heard through the grapevine that Hayden was interested in me! {Envision me freaking out and jumping up and down}. Three, the first time he introduced himself was on a walk to the pool.

If you don’t know, Hayden is a decently quiet guy. I feel like I always need to fill quiet space, and Hayden is the exact opposite. {Side note: I’ve learned that always being talkative is not necessarily a blessing.} So a mix between that quality and the fact that he was a little nervous, it took Hayden until the LAST DAY to get the nerve to talk to me. Nonetheless, his charming good looks and his heart for God won me over! After our evening chapel, he gave me his number and quick hug. Then suddenly, camp was over!

Two short weeks later, we were dating & Hayden moved off to college! I’m pausing our story here, but I’d love to hear the sappiest “how we met” story you know, in the comment section!!

P.S. Enjoy some of the early Hayden and Haley pictures!


Haley Nicole || Our Story

This was taken on a trip to Holiday World, days after we attended camp together!

Haley Nicole || Our Story

This was taken just two weeks after we started dating. Our families met and went out to eat for the first time.

Haley Nicole || Our Story

This was taken before my senior homecoming! Hayden was the first {& only} guy who ever asked me to a dance.

Haley Nicole || Our Story

Playing a game with family the night before Thanksgiving. I drove down for the evening to see Hayden while he was home from school. Campbell, Tyler, Halle, & Trevor sure have aged since this!!


February 13, 2018

Our Story || How We Met

Haley Nicole

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