When you’re planning a wedding, it seems that there is an endless amount of decisions to be made. Do I do this? Do I pick that? What color is this? How many of these? Where do these go? When does this person arrive? I always tell my brides, that one of my top goals is to make their wedding planning process as easy as possible. I’ve been a bride, and I know how stressful it can be! Today, I’m covering a question I hear a lot. Should I add a second shooter to my photography package?

If you’re asking this question, you’re likely weighing if the price of the second shooter is worth the quality you’ll receive. While, I don’t think there is any definite answer {I think it varies from person-to-person}, I’m sharing some key areas to look at and consider before making your own decision.

  1. Better Coverage

    I think this is the biggest argument FOR having a second shooter, and it is the main reason why I encourage brides to add it to their package. Adding a second shooter to your wedding day, will ensure that you have better coverage of the entire day. Let me first say, that if you don’t book a second shooter, I am still FULLY capable of covering the entire day. I am able to do it on my own, and I have no doubt that I’m able to do this. However, the key word here is “better” coverage. It’s true 2 cameras are better than one. While I will give you incredible coverage on my own, an additional photographer will grant you with more coverage of your day. Two people will capture the first look, kiss, and dance.

  2. More Images

    Adding another photographer means you’ll receive more images! You will receive the images that I capture through my camera as well as additional images from my second shooter’s camera. Like I have said before, I am able to give you a FULL gallery on my own, but if you’d like even more images of your big day this is a plus!

  3. Extra Hands

    If you have a tight timeline or you have a large bridal party, I suggest adding a second shooter. Even though my formal title on your wedding day might be “photographer”, I am always there helping with whatever needs to keep the day moving: finding bobby pins, calming you before the first look, and prepping the bridal party for their reception entrance. A second shooter is another pair of hands that will help each photographed moment run more smoothly.

At the end of the day, it’s totally up to you! If you’re a #HNBride, and you’d like to add a second shooter to your existing package send me message. I’ll set everything up for you!


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February 20, 2018

Should I Add a Second Shooter? || Midwest Wedding Photographer

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