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How to Make Your Instagram Pretty + Cohesive! || Midwest Photographer


Hey friends, I’m excited to chat about my FAVORITE social media platform: INSTAGRAM! I started using Instagram in 2011, and since then, I’ve been hooked. Back when I first started using IG, I would post fuzzy photos with borders and weird filters. It’s pretty embarrassing what I thought looked good, and I’m so glad I’ve moved on from that. Now, it’s all about having a cute aesthetic and making your grid look great. Today, I’m sharing a few tips into how to up your IG profile and present a gorgeous grid to your followers!

  1. Understand that a pretty grid doesn’t happen overnight.

    I get that you’re ready for an IG overhaul, and you’re ready to change things! However, this is a slow and steady process. If you’re looking to completely redo your IG, I suggest archiving your past posts. This allows you to reference them in the future without deleting and without being showcased on your profile. Next, it’s time to start posting imagery. Don’t post 30 new photos in a day. Take your time – there’s no hurry!

  2. A pretty grid takes some preparation. 

    I often have people talk to me about my Instagram, and they are amazed that everything flows together. Friends, it flows together because I spend waaaaayyyy too much time preparing it {true story, I’m working on improving this prep time}. It doesn’t just *happen.* It might for some Instagrammers, but it does not work like that for me. I personally use Later {I wrote a blog about it, here}, and it helps me figure out a good photo flow. P.S. If you have a business account it will now automatically post for you!

  3. Decide on an editing style.

    I think this makes a HUGE difference in how professional your IG profile appears. I edit all of my photos the exact same way so they all flow together. I know it can be difficult to choose a style, but I promise you’ll love it when everything looks extremely cohesive {or maybe that’s just a weird Type A thing… who knows?!}. Anyway, you can memorize editing steps or you can continually click the same filter for the same look over and over. I don’t use it, but I’ve heard SO many people love using VSCO.

One last thing – Don’t obsess over it!

This is something I’m working on, and it’s been quite the challenge. Since I like to have everything looking perfect, I often spending waaayyy too long on planning Instagram content. I want everything to flow just perfectly. Lately, I’ve tried setting timers, or asking others to keep me accountable for how much time I’m spending on it. Yes, I want a pretty grid, but at the end of the day, there are SO many more important things than Instagram. Don’t lose sight of what really matters.



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