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3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in IG Stories || Photography Education

Hey y’all, I’m so excited to chat about one of my favorite things with social media – Instagram Stories!! IG Stories have been a popular way for businesses and bloggers to connect with their followers for several years now. I’ve loved using IG stories for my business over the last few years, and I believe if you’re not using them – you’re missing out!

Ready to take your business to the next level? Here’s why I think IG Stories should be a part of your marketing!

  1. Personal Connection
    I think one of the best reasons for IG stories is to help give your followers a place to grow an even closer connection. On my IG posts, I typically post shorter captions and fill in my followers with bits and pieces of my life. However, on IG stories, I’m really able to let my followers get to know myself and my company better. As a business, you should always be striving to make “connection points” with your customers. The more you share and the more specific things you share the more specific and special of a connection you make with your customers. I’m might share in an IG post that I’m drinking coffee, and that post might connect with a large group of people. However, on my IG stories, I’m often able to share more (talking about my favorite coffee cup or the new creamer I’ve been using or how I’ve had to reheat the same cup 5 times). Because IG stories now recording in continuous video segments, you can share so much in such a short time. I’ve found that most of the time when my customers talk about something they saw on my Instagram, it’s typically from something I’ve said in one of my stories. Give this a try – I promise you won’t regret it!
  2. Behind the Scenes
    It goes hand-in-hand with the last point, but I’ve used IG stories to share more behind-the-scenes of my company. Sharing the work that I am doing with my customers shows that I’m in demand, and it shows that others want to work with me. It also reminds followers of the work that I do. I firmly believe in the phrase “out of sight, out of mind,” and it motivates me to show my work and the creation of my work often.
  3. Plays into your algorithm
    Okay, so this is so tricky to understand, but I know you’ve heard about the horrible ALGORITHM! While I have many theories into why this does this – I do firmly believe that posting to your IG stories gives your other content a better chance of being seen. However, as always, the IG algorithm is always changing, and if you feel like what you’re doing isn’t helping – it’s probably time to try something new!


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