Hey y’all – it’s December, and maybe you’re starting to stress out because it’s a weird year where Thanksgiving came really late. Maybe now you’re realizing that there are 6 LESS SHOPPING DAYS in the holiday season this year. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and worried that your fourth quarter will not be as profitable as you had hope or dreamed of! While prepping in the months leading up to November and December, will give you the most bang for your buck – there’s still time to boost your holiday sales!

  1. Get Started!

    Instead of calling this year a flop and starting to dream of what next year “could be,” put together a short-term plan and get started. Don’t waste time on talking about what you should have done (that’s for January!) – figure out a new short-term goal and get started with small steps to lead to your goal.

  2. Gift Cards

    If you don’t have enough time to build items or ship items to your customers – consider offering a gift card promotion. In order to enhance your customer experience, find a way to make even a gift card fun! Consider a fun or exquisite .pdf download or .gif to add an extra pop to a typical bland gift card.

  3. 12 Days of Christmas

    One of my FAVORITE ways to get customers involved and excited is hosting a 12 Days of Christmas Event! You can either offer sales or a specific promo on each day to boost end-of-year sales, or you can offer fun brand-related activities each day – this is always a favorite for me – it’s an awesome way to strengthen your community through fun and free activities.

  4. Limited-Time Offer/Product

    I’m a huge fan of limited-time offers/products. There’s something about collecting them or knowing that you can only get them at this particular time of the year. If you’re a product based business, it might be too late to produce a new limited-time product. However, if you’re a service based business – consider figuring out a new package/service/speciality service that you’re only selling for the next few weeks.

  5. Show Up on Your Social Media!!

    If you’re the face of your company – being present on social media can often take the back burner especially during the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season. However, being online – and in front of your customers – puts you in the forefront of their mind. If you’re not showing up in front of them, someone else is. If you just can’t seem to find time and being present on social media keeps getting pushed to the side – plan for a time during your day or even your week to be in front of the camera or online talking directly to your followers!

Enjoy the next few weeks of Christmas chaos! You’ve got this! P.S. Stay tuned – more marketing related content is coming soon to haley-nicole.com



December 3, 2019

5 Ways to Boost Your Holiday Sales in December || Marketing for Small Businesses

Haley Nicole

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