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Best of Seniors 2019 || Southern Illinois Senior Photographer

This might be my favorite post of the entire year. I just LOVE going back through all of the senior sessions and pulling out some of my favorite images of the year. While it might be my favorite, it is also the HARDEST blog post to create. I’m just getting started typing this, and I can already feel my heart rate elevate! I’m just blown away every year by the incredible and gorgeous seniors that I get to work with, and it makes it SO extremely difficult to select photos for this blog post! Truth be told, I wish I could just upload every image, but I’m certain no one has time for that. It would take a whole day to look at it!

Anyways, this year was extra special because since Hayden and I moved so many times – 4 to be exact – I was able to have sessions in so many unique places. My seniors were eager and excited to go to new locations, and I LOVE the images we created together.

So y’all grab yourself a cup of coffee and maybe even a few snacks – this blog post is long, but OH SO GREAT!!! Enjoy!!


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