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Happy New Year 2020 Goals!

Wohoo! Happy New Year!! As I shared in my last blog post, 2019 was a year of a lot of change, and while we’ve started to settle in our new home, I have a hunch that things will continue to change! 😉

Choosing a word of the year is one of my favorite ways to kick off a new year. I always try to select a word that encompasses the year before me including work, life at home, and personal goals. After a lot of thought, I’m so excited to share my word of the year!!


It feels fitting for 2020 – ya know, clear vision, clear focus. It’s much more than just a pun to me though. In 2020, I want to focus on what’s really important and be present in the moment. Over the past few years, I’ve really struggled to think about ALL the things ALL the time, and as you can imagine, that gets pretty overwhelming. My hope is that I can learn to focus on the here and now (spending time with a family member, working out, digging into my business, and reading God’s word) and blur everything else.

I know this word is going to stretch me, and this is something I should be a lot better at. Maybe you can relate that focusing on one thing at a time isn’t the easiest. Feel free to join me in 2020 as I sharpen my focus!

In addition to my word of the year, here are a few of my personal goals:

  1. Stay healthy & active (I worked really hard on this in 2019, and I don’t want to let up.)
  2. Grow my morning devotional time (So proud & happy with the growth I had in 2019 & ready for more!)
  3. More Date Nights & Friends over for Game Nights
  4. Less time on social media scrolling
  5. More time spent on hobbies

Business Goals:

  1. Launch my re-branded website! (with a new service I’m REALLY excited about)
  2. Expand & Fully Launch my NEW Senior Sisterhood Family
  3. Outsource/off load more

This is a BIG year for my business and a lot of changes and big things happening in the early part of the year! I can’t wait to share everything with all of you soon!!


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