WELCOME TO OUR HOME! Well, I’m finally getting around to sharing some of our home renovations with all of you. We purchased our home the first weekend in October, and slowly worked on it until the middle of December (like right before Christmas). We’re certainly not finished with everything and every room. However, it feels like home, and we’re happy – so we’re stopping here for now!

I think this blog post might be the most requested topic I’ve ever had! So, I’m excited to share a few rooms with you! Our style is a mix between New England with Southern Charm. Hayden and I both like a classic American style with a refresh of current trends. We both really love timeless pieces, but neither of us wanted our home looking like an old museum (nothing against that – just not us!). So, we tried to mix pieces that we classic or older with newer items, and I love how it turned out! I don’t really know anyone us that quite has the same taste – and maybe you’ve felt that way with your style too – I just want to encourage you to do what feels best to YOU! I told Hayden my number one goal with decorating our home was that I wanted it to evoke JOY! I wanted to be in our home and feel so joyful, and I definitely feel that! You’ll quickly see that theirs a LOT of navy. I love the classic navy color, but honestly, Hayden is obsessed. He wants everything navy, and honestly, if he would’ve designed all of this on his own every. single. thing. would be navy. Okay, I’m kidding, but the man is obsessed.

Anyway – take a look below at a portion of our home. I’m so excited to continue to use these spaces to entertain and to welcome people in. Hayden and I firmly believe this home was gift from God to use for His ministry.

Let’s go –

January 23, 2020

Home Sweet Home!!

Haley Nicole

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