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I'm a peppy and talkative go-getter, and I'm so glad you're here on the blog. It's a collection of my latest projects & thoughts! Comment on a post, & let me know you're here!

hey y'all,

I'm Haley Nicole!

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Photography Lesson with Maryville Online!

I am so thrilled to share a project that I have been working on and teaming up with Maryville Online. If you didn’t know…Hayden and I both attended Maryville University, and we LOVED it! I was thrilled when Maryville’s online university, Maryville Online, reached out to the both of us to teach a lesson online. My lesson premieres today on Maryville Online’s IGTV. You can follow them and check it out – HERE!

I’m sharing all about how to take better photos on your phone with some basic lessons of photography and lighting. Then, I’m digging into how you can edit your phone images, and finally, how you can create a cohesive Instagram grid. It’s an easy to follow 30 minute lesson, and I’d love for you to watch!


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