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I'm a peppy and talkative go-getter, and I'm so glad you're here on the blog. It's a collection of my latest projects & thoughts! Comment on a post, & let me know you're here!

hey y'all,

I'm Haley Nicole!

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Should I Offer FREE Sessions?!?!

Getting started as a photographer can be TOUGH, and the topic of free sessions seems to come up quite a bit when you’re first jumping into the world of owning a business. I believe free sessions can be a HORRIBLE idea for your business, but I also believe free sessions can be an AMAZING way for growth in your business as well! It all depends on how you utilize them!

Take a look at my latest Youtube video, where I’m explaining how you can hurt or help yourself and your business with the use of free sessions! P.S. These tips aren’t just for new photographers – I still use this reasoning in my business today!


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