Wow, y’all! Somehow I blinked, and now, I’m almost 32 weeks pregnant! Wow!! It’s crazy how fast these last few months just flew by! I had a feeling that this summer would fly by (& I tried to prep myself for it), but somehow, it went even faster than I imagined. We’re now less than two months away from meeting our “little man,” and it seems like every week is just zooming past. Hayden and I were talking about all of this the other day, and he said that he doesn’t think it’ll slow down any time soon..only speed up. I have a pretty good feeling that he’s right. We’re trying to soak in the last days of just the two of us. One fun thing we’ve been able to do together is create Baby Klock’s nursery!

As y’all know, Hayden and I LOVE to travel, and we plan to visit every state before our 50th Anniversary. I shared with Hayden that I wanted Baby Klock’s nursery to be something that fit “us” rather than just a random theme. I wanted it to go along with things we did as a family or something that we enjoyed. We threw around a lot of different ideas, but ultimately, Hayden came up with a mini travel theme! I love it!! We didn’t want the nursery to be overly themed – ya know, every single item linked to a specific theme – there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s just not us. So, we tried to figure out how we could get the travel vibe without going overboard on travel EVERYTHING. I scoured the internet for a cute map, and boy oh did it take awhile!! We ended up with this darling watercolor map and corresponding wall art images from Etsy. I’ll link the little shop, here! I ended up getting some sort of Memorial Day promo code to print with vista print, and waaaala! Another fun touch to the room is the photo frame and bookshelves…both my brother and Hayden MADE!! Turns out giant photo frames are actually kind of pricey, and we weren’t looking to spend much so Hayden and my brother created ours. I also found bookshelves like ours on Amazon, but they were literally $70, and I knew the design was pretty simple. So, I told Hayden and my brother, Taylor, what I exactly wanted, and I LOVE THEM!!! I think they ended up only being around $10ish for all three – talk about a bargin (plus, how special that Baby Klock’s dad and uncle made them). My mom is a wiz with spray paint so she finished both pieces.

Here’s where a few of the other items are from!

Crib: Wayfair

Mattress + Bedding: Newton Baby Mattress (Use THIS LINK to get $30 off your mattress!)

Pillow Cases: Amazon

Glider: Target (Direct Link)

Side Table, Curtains, Lamp, & Diaper Cart: IKEA

We can’t wait to see our little boy in here!!!

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August 6, 2020

Baby Klock’s Nursery Reveal

Haley Nicole

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