Y’all, let me just start with…Ellie is GORGEOUS!!! Also, sunrise sessions are my favorite, and I am SO so SOOOO excited to share the images from her summer senior session!!!

Ellie and I have been prepping and planning for her session since the beginning of the summer, and I can’t quite believe it’s already the middle of August! Ellie is such a fun and joyful person. This girl just radiates! Ellie has been so excited for her session, and y’all, it just makes it that much more fun to plan and prep everything. For her session, Ellie told me she was up for anything! She kept telling me that whatever I wanted to do – she was up for! I was so excited to take her to some of my favorite sunrise locations, and y’all, it was amazing. Not only did we have an INCREDIBLE sunrise, Ellie was so so natural in front of the camera! Y’all, I am so excited about all of these photos – take a look at all of the fun!

August 18, 2020

Ellie’s Summer Senior Session

Haley Nicole

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