Friends, I promise I’m about finished sharing our Seaside vacation online (if you follow me on Instagram you know I’ve been sharing so many different photos), but I tell you it was such a GORGEOUS and FUN trip! We had such a great time. The biggest moment of the week was Hannah and Michael’s engagement, but another big planned out event was our family photo session!

Of course, it is no surprise that I love getting updated family photos – y’all, if you don’t have updated pictures…put it on your to do list! One of my favorite keepsakes is all of our photos. It means so much to preserve what stage of life our family is in from time to time, and it is so much fun to look back on over the years.

We needed to update the family pictures since Taylor and Austin are now married, Beckham is here, and Michael is now an official member! So, like any crazy photographer, I convinced my family to get up at SUNRISE for family photos. They are AMAZING – and everyone was so happy to do so (really, I’m not kidding, no complaints – we did bribe everyone with donuts though 😉 ). I’m SO glad we did them at sunrise: 1. NO ONE WAS THERE 2. Cooler Temps/Less Humidity = Pretty Hair 😉 3. Room in the day to do whatever else we wanted.

If you can convince your family to do a sunrise session – do it!! It was seriously the best, and I know we’ll treasure these photos for years!!!

Okay – so how did I get the images of me in them (because I’m the photographer of the family too). Our sweet Uncle Donnie volunteered to “push the button” (but a self timer and the Canon app would’ve worked great too). I always set up the shot, get it completely in focus, and I tell the person shooting where the back-button focal point goes. I say something like, “do you see the square in the lens…that square is going to go on Hayden’s left eye, and then push this button.” I’ll be sharing more of these tips soon – because photogs deserve good, in focus images too!

Anyways, I am STILL obsessed with these photos (and all the others that I didn’t include).


August 19, 2021

Seaside Family Photos

Haley Nicole

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