Hey, hey friends!! Happy Tuesday! I hope you’re doing well and staying warm. I am trying to add our coffee talks more regularly in my blogging loop. I feel like every time I write one I have SO much to update on, but nonetheless, here we go!


Our personal life has been quite messy to say the least. Since losing Lucy, I’ve had so many emotions and thoughts. Loss is odd, hard, and unexplainable. It’s difficult to put into words my feelings…and I’m a chatty gal! I’ll be doing good for a few hours/days…and then I realize that I’m doing well and I feel guilty for it. I’m not sure what I’m suppose to feel, and I think that’s normal. Aside from mourning, Hayden, Beckham, and I have a lot to be grateful for every single day. I am *very* excited for new windows that should be going into our home in a month or two (depending on supply chain 😉 ). Our home has the original windows, and they do not cut it (read: you can feel a draft!!). This isn’t a glamorous renovation, but I am SO excited for our electric bill to go down. We did get a new design (our current ones are from the 80s), and I am SO thrilled to see them!!

Work Life

Hayden and I are both keeping busy with our full-time jobs. I work at the Glamour Farms Boutique, and we have just finished up from the busiest time of year. It is always encouraging that we get spring styles in early, and it gets my hopes up for spring! My job with GF has changed over the years, but I really love the amount of faith-based work I get to do every day. It is so encouraging to have different women around the country reading my morning devotions and messaging me. My blog and my side business (http://brightandboldphotog.com/) are trucking along! I have some big hopes and dreams for both of these this year, and I’m really trying to see them through.


My faith is in a place it’s never been before. I shared that I haven’t really dealt with much struggle in my life. God has always blessed me and everything has always been provided. I realize (and I knew) that was a huge blessing. We are still walking through this season of mourning the loss of Lucy, and it has strengthen my faith more than ever before. I guess for me, I feel that I have no other option. Without Christ, without the hope of Heaven, I would really struggle to get up every morning and see the good in the world. Through my faith in Jesus, I know: everything in this life is already His, we are Earth for just a blip of a moment, we need to do our part to spread the Gospel, and we can have HOPE that this is not the end. We are also very blessed by our church family and the many opportunities to serve.


So this is a little frustrating…but here we are: I was doing SO great working out three days a week before our miscarriage. I’ve had to take off two weeks from my surgery, and I am just now getting back into slowly working out. I’m not physically where I want to be, but I know that I can get back into shape. It’s honestly pretty emotional for me – and really frustrating. I’ve rewritten this section, and I just don’t know how to say it. I’m trying to be easy on myself, but I’m also just upset. Anyways, I’m back to doing some sort of physical movement three days a week!

Things I’m Loving:

  • I just finished Emily Ley’s Growing Boldly, and I LOVED it. Light read. Cute book. Definitely need to read it. (Linked below!)
  • Hayden and I rewatched all the OG Spidermans. I originally wasn’t a fan when they came out, but I really loved rewatching them.
  • Cozy blankets are my JAM these days – always one our couch. I want to collect throw blankets…sorry Hayden.
  • I just started Lara Casey’s Cultivate, and I am SO excited. LOVED her other book!
  • I linked it below, but I use a Yeti almost everyday. My sister Hannah Beth introduced me to this new design I’m eyeing. IT FITS IN YOUR CUPHOLDER, Y’ALL!!
  • For Christmas, I got a new coffee pot, and y’all, I’m OBSESSED. I know everyone has had a coffee pot for years, but I feel so fancy with it! (Linked my exact one below!)
  • I’ve been rewatching all of Full House on HBO Max – really loving it!

January 25, 2022

Coffee Talk 01.18.2022

Haley Nicole

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