Wow friends!!! It has been a minute since my last coffee talk…actually since my last blog post. I have desired to get back on and start blogging again, and it just doesn’t happen. In February, we welcomed Amelia, and since then, life has been STINKIN’ BUSY!!! In May along, I went to Florida on a girls’ trip, the next weekend hosted our entire family for my parents’ retirement party, and then, the next weekend moved into our new home. We then celebrated our seven year wedding anniversary, traveled to TN and MO, and we tried to tackle on house projects. Life hasn’t slowed down, and I’m really trying to be okay with that – but it’s hard. I’m so sentimental as I know these days with littles at home are fleeting.

Nonetheless, I am going to attempt to get back to blogging and sharing all of the good things that are going on in life because despite the chaos – life is really good!


I am doing pretty well considering it feels like life is spinning like a disco ball. I am so PROUD to say I’ve kept up with reading this year, and y’all I just can’t believe it. It’s been my goal for so long, and I am just thrilled that I’ve actually been able to check off a goal. I have really enjoyed renovations on our house. For as long as I can remember, I have always loved interior design, so it’s been really fun to get to dream up these spaces. I am so very excited to decorate for Christmas! Trying to not rush anything though!

Work Life

Whew! Work has been busy! My role at Glamour Farms Boutique changed over the summer. It’s been really fun to have a new change of pace. We just wrapped our third season of Glamour Farms The Podcast, and I am eager to share the interviews for season four. The podcast has been such a labor of love, and I LOVE hearing people tell me that they listen and enjoy it!! It feels surreal that people actually listen and it’s not just me talking to a mic at my desk. 😉 I am really excited to share some of the fun things we have planned for 2024. It will be so fun!!!!


This year has brought a lot of personal growth in my Bible reading – and I’m so happy about it!!! I am no where perfect. I have a long way to go to even be “consistent,” but reading my Bible is more a part of my daily life than it ever has been – and I approach it with JOY! If you’re struggling, find a reading plan and someone to join you – I promise that will help! Right now, my family is reading through Galatians…one chapter a week! If you want to join – I’d love to hear your thoughts. We are on Galatians 2.

Things I’m Loving:

  1. Shackets – I know this might be “so last year” but I’m here for it! Use my code at Glamour Farms for 20% off your first order: FKTHREF — I am obsessed with several that we have!
  2. My new glasses from Eye Buy Direct – I had my last pair (from the eye doctor) for 9 years, and it was time for some new ones! I love my new glasses, and they feel like great quality.
  3. Curling my hair with rollers – don’t hate it until you’ve tried it ladies!!! I got new layers cut (i.e. the Rachel cut), and I LOVE using my velcro curlers after heating up my hair with a curling iron.
  4. Pumpkin creamer from Dunkin is incredible. I was worried it would be too pumpkin-y, but y’all don’t knock it!! It’s goooood! I am not pumpkin obsessed, and I still really enjoyed it.
  5. Documentaries – random, but Hayden and I have been watching so many and we are loving it! Tell me which one you think I should watch next!

October 4, 2023

Coffee Talk 10.4.23

Haley Nicole

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