Friends, it has been a HOT minute since I’ve blogged. Last fall, I meant to get back to all of this, but something just didn’t feel right. Also, we were just starting into 4th quarter, and if you work in retail YOU KNOW! Life has changed so much since I first started this blog, and I really didn’t know what direction to take with this. I wasn’t taking photography sessions anymore, and now, I feel like not sharing much of our kids’ lives online (more on that below). So, I’ve been in a weird season of “what is next?”

I decided…let’s relaunch the website with a new *LOOK*! What do you think? While I absolutely LOVED my season of bright reds, bold colors, classic style… that just didn’t fit my life anymore. As I mentioned, I stopped my photography business, we moved to the country, and I had kids. So much of my life is so far from “put together and classic.” I do LOVE that style, but this new look feels fun! In this season of chaos, I really wanted something that brought JOY and evoke the feelings of fun and carefree. So here we are! I’m excited to share more a look into my work and behind the scenes of podcasting.

For the longest time, I record much of our lives on this little blog. While I dissolved much of my business, I just haven’t been able to let this space go. It’s just so special to me – and houses so many of our memories. It’s been my little online journal for years. However, this past fall I made the conscious decision to not publicly document my children’s lives online. While I’m confident they will appear here and there in the social space, I am making an effort to limit their social footprint. I’ve read so many different books about social media and watched documentaries. The truth is…I have a love hate relationship with it. With the growth of AI, I feel that as parents (like yes, all of us) need to consciously think about what sharing our children’s daily/yearly lives and routines will do in their future. I think often about how Beckham and Amelia will think and feel when they’re in high school. Will they love or hate having their lives displayed online since birth? Will AI distort photos of them? Will people use photos of my children outside of my blog? It’s made me think a lot – and ultimately, I’m not living in fear, but rather choosing to let them choose what to share when they get older. This is a new issue my parents – or their parents – never had to worry or even think about. It’s not even comparable to ANYTHING. I challenge you to think these same thoughts and figure out what is best for your family.

Anyways, I am excited to share more online as I feel the tide might be turning and blogs miiiight be coming back into the play. That’s a conversation for another time 😉 Welcome back!

If you’re new, take a look around…there’s hundreds of blog posts to go back through and learn about my past life as a wedding, family, and senior photog!

Chat soon!

xoxo, Haley

April 12, 2024

I think I’m…back?!

Haley Nicole

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