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My Simplified Planner!

Alright y’all, for all you type A-planner extraordinaire people out there – this one is for YOU! I always have a paper planner, but this year, I thought that maybe I should switch to all electronic calendars. WOW, what a mistake that was. I went through the first 3 and half months of forgetting things and asking Hayden to write things down for me because I just couldn’t keep up with my personal e-calendars. I don’t know what it is, but for me, I NEED a paper planner. I had heard BIG things about the Simplified Planner for years! I follow Emily Ley, and I’ve read some of her books. I wasn’t sure the Simplified Planner lived up to its hype. Oh, but it does!!

For the past month, I’ve been using my Simplified Planner, and it truly makes life SO MUCH BETTER! I’m not kidding y’all! I have the daily planner, and it’s seriously what planning dreams are made of. Each day gets its own page – half of it breaks down hour-by-hour, and the other half is an on going to-do list. There’s even a spot for daily notes. I feel so much more organized. For years, I’ve been making hour-by-hour plans to stay focused, but then, I end up with millions of little scrap papers. It become a nightmare, and I know Hayden was tired of finding these random papers throughout our home. I’ve loved having everything together in one space! There’s a monthly overview and a page of stickers (oh yeah!!!).

If you’re ready to organize your life away – you can still grab one from the 2020 year or the 2020-2021 Academic Year that starts in July. Take a look at their website, emilyley.com/  – it’s the only thing truly keeping me organized now.

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