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In the past 3 months, life has changed in CRAZY ways around the world and the US. I still can’t quite believe it! While life is crazy, there are still some really, really exciting things going on that need to be celebrated…like the Class of 2020’s Graduation!! I am SO proud of the Class of 2020, and I am so honored to have met so many of you. COVID might have changed the “typical” way to celebrate graduation, but here are a few ideas to still celebrate and have fun!

  1. Graduation Party!!!

    Forget your typical open house – and prep for a DRIVE-BY house party!! Major bonus – your mom won’t ask you to clean your room; everything is outside!! Simply set up a table at the end of your drive, figure out if you want party favors (dessert to-go bags or pieces of cake already sliced), tell your family and friends to drive by (drop off a gift or card if they’d like) and chat for a few minutes, and then, go LIVE on a private FB event or Zoom call opening all of your gifts and thanking each person. Easy prep and easy clean-up! You can still get a photo with each car load of people!

  2. Senior Bonfire

    One of my favorite things to do during my senior year (and still to this day) was bonfires! I love roasting marshmallows and chatting about all the things. Once our stay at home order lifts, plan an outdoor get together with a few friends. You don’t need a large crowd to have fun, you can always keep your chairs spaced out, and each person can bring their own food!

  3. Virtual Graduation

    I know many seniors are still unsure if they will get a ceremony, and waiting for a decision from their school board is really difficult. Why not throw your own virtual graduation?! Plan a Zoom/Facetime call with your friends and their immediate families, have someone say everyone’s name as they “walk across their screen,” maybe someone gives a small speech of their favorite memories, and lastly, have fun moving your tassel and then throwing your cap into the air! Get dolled up beforehand and make a whole day of it with your drive-by party afterwards!

  4. Graduation Photos!!

    I’m really excited to share that something miiiiiight be in the works for some graduation mini sessions!!! Your graduation might look different from what you had expected, but it’s still important to capture this HUGE milestone in your life! Getting professional photos of yourself in your cap and gown (+ maybe even your college tee) is a great way to finish your time in high school!

Class of 2020 I’m excited to see how your creative minds celebrate your graduation this year! You’ve worked so hard to get to this point – things might look different, but graduating is still such a big accomplishment! Let’s celebrate it!!

May 12, 2020

Celebrate Graduation – COVID Style

Haley Nicole

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