Woohoo! If you didn’t hear, the Haley Nicole Youtube Channel received a facelift, and it is full of brand new content (plus, more coming each week in season 1). Yay! I’m really excited to use this space, and I know that some business owners and creatives are beginning to use video more and more in their business. However, there are still SO many businesses that are reluctant to using video. Today, I’m sharing why I believe you NEED to be using video in your business and how it can truly transform your customer experience!

Visual Benefits

There are MANY benefits to using video, but of course, the biggest is that video offers a great – the BEST – opportunity for your clients and customers to see you or your product. I love photos…duh, I’m a photographer! I think photography can tell a HUGE story. Photography is definitely better in place of video in some places, but video adds a different visual element! I’ve recently found that I love retail websites that have videos of models moving (like walking or twirling) in a clothing item. There is something about SEEING the item move that helps me understand if it’s what I want. On a different level, I LOVE watching videos of my favorite Instagram influencers or bloggers. It’s one things to see a great photo of them and read their words, but I really understand what they mean, who they are as a person, how they would say it, and so much more from a video. It’s crazy how much we can learn and absorb from watching videos! Your customers and clients will learn more about you and your brand when you create engaging videos!

Elevate Your Personal Brand

I started to share about this in the last point, but video can truly enhance your personal brand and brand experience. I’ve started to use video more and more in my business, and I LOVED the results. I feel like my clients really get to know me, and they really start to understand how much I love what I do! From the get go, I’ve always wanted my seniors to feel like we’re best friends just hangin out and taking pictures, I’ve wanted business owners to feel like I’m an old friend just chatting about business tips, and through video, I’ve been able to create those connections in way text and photos just couldn’t!

The Not-So-Scary, Scary Part of Video

I think the biggest reason companies and creatives don’t focus on video is 1) it takes too much time and/or 2) they hate being in front of the camera. I COMPLETELY understand the first point…video takes time! It is time consuming to shoot, edit, upload, and schedule new video content, BUT you have to weigh how much is that increasing your customer experience/brand exposure. Next, let me just reassure you…being in front of the camera isn’t that bad! If you’re not use to it, it will feel weird, and it will take time to feel and look natural! However, you have to start somewhere. On camera skills (typically) don’t just appear – for most people, it takes time and lots of practice to feel and look professional! However, video isn’t going away anytime soon so it’s best to dig in and start working away on it now!

Video is being used more and more than ever before – don’t miss your opportunity to speak directly with your clients! I’m excited to see how you will use and incorporate video into your workflow! Don’t forget – be sure to subscribe to my NEW Youtube channel where I’m sharing behind-the-scenes of my life and business!

May 19, 2020

Why Video is SO Important for Your Business!

Haley Nicole

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