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Senior Graduation Gift Guide – 2020!

Woohoo! It’s time to celebrate SENIORS! Class of 2020, I am so PROUD of you! Y’all have had it rough these past few months, but you are oh so strong and tough. I’m SO proud of you! Graduation is SUCH a special time, and let’s be real, for those of us who aren’t graduating, it can be tough to figure out what to get a new grad! I pulled together some of my favorite and my seniors favorite items. I LOVED several of these items throughout my college years, and these would be the perfect gifts to get your senior prepped for the fall!

Shop These Items:

  1.  North Face Rain Jacket (LINK) – I own it, and I LOVE it. It’s a college campus essential.
  2. God Will Carry You Through (LINK) – College is a transition, & this was gift I received at my graduation. Helped me through a tough first semester.
  3. Starbucks eGift Card (LINK) – Any gift card is a BLESSING, but Starbucks is a college essential! Perfect after a late night studying!
  4. Kate Spade Wristlet (LINK) – Any wristlet is the PERFECT way to keep track of your phone, school id, & license! Easy to grab & go when you’re leaving your dorm room!
  5. Hydroflask (LINK) – Nearly everyone has one, but they are AMAZING for keeping you hydrated between classes!
  6. ENO Hammock (LINK) – YES!!! You’ll need to buy the straps separately, but this is such a GREAT gift! I still use mine all the time!
  7. Pottery Barn Fluffy Slippers (LINK) – Dorms are chilly (& kinda gross) – stay warm and clean in slippers! Plus, these are on sale!!
  8. Vera Bradley Duffle Bag (LINK) – The perfect weekend/overnight bag! Easy to stow under your bed & pull out when you’re ready to head home!
  9. Simplified Planner – Daily Edition (LINK) – Managing college assignments can get crazy. This is best way to stay on top of it all!
  10. Fujifilm Instant Camera (LINK) – Great to snap photos over the summer, but also perfect to snap new photos of new college friends and decorate your dorm room!

Happy celebrating Class of 2020!! 

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