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Our Maternity Photos at Big Cedar Lodge

Oh my goodness!!! Y’all, I can’t believe we’re really here! The third trimester is off to a great start (beside the fact that I’m not getting as much sleep as I used to – I think that’s going to be a trend!!). Hayden and I are SO excited that we are only a few months away from meeting Baby Klock (or little man as so many people have been calling him!). Back in February, I realized that the start of my third trimester would be the weekend we were with Hayden’s family at Big Cedar Lodge. Since then, I had been DREAMING of our maternity photos around some of the buildings and grounds.

Of course, COVID happened, and I was so bummed that it seemed like we weren’t going to be able to go. However, our doctor approved our trip (Hayden’s family actually stays in a private house off from the main Lodge – and we spent all our time on their boat)! We were SO SO excited! We only planned to be there a day in the half – I knew we’d need to make the most of every moment. So, I was up before the sun getting ready, and we took sunrise photos early Sunday morning. (Which was a total win because no one gets up and around the Lodge area on vacation at 5 am!)

Take a look at our photos below – my my my how things have changed! My Baby Klock bump is getting so big – and will only continue to grow!! We can’t wait to meet our sweet bundle who should be arriving in just about 2 months!!

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