Woohoo!! I’m so excited to share these photos because it means Baby Klock’s arrival is JUST around the corner!! Our families had originally planned to have a fun come and go BBQ at our house and show everyone the nursery…but then COVID. So, our sweet families switched plans around, and we had a super fun drive-by shower. The theme was “Haley is about to POP,” and if you know me, I love popsicles in the summer so it was rather fitting! My parents built (yes, they BUILT it all on their own!!) the little popsicle stand, and we had several family members and friends drive-by and join us in celebration. Those who weren’t able to join us tuned in on a Zoom call in our living room and watched us open the gifts both dropped off and sent to us. It was a different baby shower for sure, but it seems like everything in 2020 is different. We were so grateful that we were at least able to do this and have our immediate families present. 2020 has been a lonely year without many gatherings, and even though it was just our immediate families around us in the room, it was so special to see friends and family members from around the country on our Zoom call.

Hayden and I are SO grateful for all the extra love and support we’ve received because of Baby Klock’s arrival. I know we’d both love if you could keep us and other expectant parents in your prayers. There are still so many unknowns as to what our hospital stay will be like and what doctors think will or won’t be safe for our baby. We have faith that everything will work out just as God has planned, but God’s plan typically looks a little different than our own and having peace through the delivery and months after would be such a blessing.

Anyways, thank you to my sister Hannah Beth for snapping these photos during our shower!



July 28, 2020

Baby Klock Baby Shower!

Haley Nicole

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