Somehow, it’s almost the end of August! This year has felt all sorts of funny, and it’s been hard to keep track of what day it is and what season it feels like. No matter what, I’ve LOVED getting to spend time with each of my HNSeniors. Since spring sessions were postponed, this summer has been extra fun and a source of JOY! I have been looking forward to Josie’s session for months, and we were all ready and set to go…and then a chance of rain. We ended up rescheduling, and I’m SO glad we did!! Josie and I ended up with the most PERFECT August evening – 80* and a light breeze + a gorgeous golden sunset. You really can’t ask for much more in Southern Illinois. I’m so glad Josie trusted me with rescheduling her session. Since we moved her session to the next week, we were able to get that gorgeous glow I’m always after!

Y’all, just wait until you see Josie’s images. She totally rocked it. This girl!!!! Oh my goodness! Since being pregnant, what I say doesn’t always make the most sense (seriously – ask Hayden). I often forget what I’m saying in the middle of a sentence or don’t give the clearest instruction because I just can’t quite put the words together. My other HNSeniors and I have just laughed over it (because, it’s hilarious at times), but Josie – this girl – it didn’t even phase her!! It was like we were on the same wavelength the whole time. I was amazed by how little instruction I would give and she knew what I was trying to say. Maybe Josie just needs to hang out with me for the next 5-6 weeks and explain what I’m actually trying to say to everyone since she “gets” me so well. #jokingnotjoking #Josieknowsbest I actually said that last hashtag about every 5 minutes in her session, because this girl just “GOT IT.”

Josie is SUCH a sweetheart, and she’s so go with the flow and joyful. I am SO glad she reached out because we seriously had so much fun, and I think y’all will be able to tell from all her adorable laughing photos. I can’t choose a favorite – it’s just too difficult. I will say this girl can NAIL a hair flip, twirl. Seriously, check out those photos. Anyways, enjoy all of these!! It was so hard to narrow them down to these!!

August 27, 2020

Josie Country Summer Senior Session

Haley Nicole

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