Howdy friends, and yikes! It’s has been a HOT MINUTE since I’ve done a coffee talk post. Life has REALLY changed around here. We have a new family member…we’re in a new year…I’m launching new businesses…LOTS going on! I couldn’t be happier with our new family dynamic, and I’m thrilled to share more with you this year!

Let’s get this coffee talk started!

Personal Life

Well, if you haven’t heard…I had a baby! Beckham was born in October, and it’s been a crazy rollercoaster of newborn/new mama life since then! We love Beckham (no shock there), and he is an ANGEL! I could get all sappy, but I’ll spare you all the details. I will say, he is SO easy going, and he is SO MUCH FUN!!! We are loving his little 3 month self! He is giggling a little bit here and there right now, and I didn’t know I’d find so much joy in so many small things. I’m also EXTREMELY grateful for Hayden. I didn’t know Hayden could get any more amazing, but y’all, he did! He is seriously a super dad, and I’m so grateful for his steadiness. I’ve been a bit everywhere in these past few months. Postpartum life isn’t the easiest, and if you’re struggling, I’d encourage you to find someone to open up to.

Work Life

Well, I officially announced last week that Haley Nicole Photography is taking a pause. It’s been a long time coming, and it’s very bittersweet. I’ve decided to focus on a few new businesses. The first is my hand-lettering shop, The Joyful Collective Co., and the second, I will be sharing more about soon is called “Bright & Bold Photog.” This online space is getting a refresh – or more like realignment. Same vibe. Same girl. Just focusing more on blogging and less on everything else.


Whew. 2020 tested my faith. The year was filled with mountain and valley moments. Grateful for a fresh start each day. I’ve been working harder to make quiet time happen each day. I’m eager to set goals with my faith this year, but I don’t want it to be a *check the box* kinda thing. So, I’m still trying to work that out. I’ll keep ya updated!


My parents surprised me with a treadmill for Christmas!! I love it, and I’m so excited to get in running shape again. I will say, I am taking things S L O W. I’m already feeling some pain from all the changes…but my goal is to run a little family 5K in July. We will see. No pressure! I just want to be healthy!!

Things I’m Loving:

  • Soup: why did I boycott this for all of my life?! Potato soup is my fav, but really anything cheesy and creamy will do!
  • Leggings: I’ve NEVER been a leggings girl, but playing on the floor with Beckham has brought a new love for them!
  • Early mornings: It’s a love/hate relationship, but most of the time, I’m really grateful for 20 minutes alone in the early morning. Something about being the first one up in the morning is something special!

that’s all for now! chat soon!

January 19, 2021

Coffee Talk 01.19.21

Haley Nicole

  1. Great hearing about your world!

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