Hey friends, this was a BIG month in the reading game for me! I finished 3 books!!! Now, maybe that doesn’t sound like a big deal to you, but it’s a stinking HUGE deal for me. I love to read, but I really struggle to finish books in a timely manner. I am hoping to be better about spending more time in a book and less on technology this year. We’ll see what happens!!

First up, I finished Cultivate by Lara Casey, and I LOVED it. Lara is an excellent author, and while I don’t know her personally, she seems like an incredible woman of God. I read her other book, Make it Happen, and I LOVED it. I had a hunch that I’d like this one just as much – and I did! I found both books to be encouraging, but insightful. The way Lara writes makes you feel empowered and seen all at once. She shares her struggles – deep and raw – and y’all, you just have to give this a read. I will say I had no clue that Lara also lost a sweet baby to miscarriage, and I was especially surprised that much of the book pivoted around that time in her life of miscarriage – adoption – and having another biological child as well. (I will say it might have not been that big of a focus, but that’s been a huge part of my life recently so I focused in on those thoughts). I always love how Lara gives gardening examples along the way. Get this book!!!

Second, Hayden and I finished Bob Goff’s Love Does. This has been my favorite book for probably the last five years. I am just obsessed. I think this was the third time I’ve read it (first time Hayden did), and it makes me cry every time. I get so emotional just thinking about how I should love more and how much Jesus loves me. Gosh – just strikes a chord with me on how I should be acting more. I HIGHLY recommend. There’s also a Bible study you can do with it to if you’re in a small group!

Lastly, I finished the audiobook (my first one) of The Gospel Comes with a House Key. Let me just say– oh snap. This book convicted me on how I need to serve more with my home. To be honest, it’s really shifted how we do things and how we act. I wish I could say that we’ve always been over the top hospitable, but we haven’t. I know COVID hasn’t helped matters, but we (as a family) need to be doing more. This book was the perfect jump start to the new us. I’m hoping to host some neighborhood get togethers this summer. I’m nervous – but excited. If any of this thinking is of interest to you – even in the slightest – give it a read!

What’s next?!

I’m reading The Lazy Genius Way and listening to the audiobook of Purple Cow. I’m excited for both!!

Alright y’all, I’m sharing links to all of these books below. These are commissionable links, but all opinions are my own. Any purchase made helps me fund this website!

Much Love + happy reading!!

April 28, 2022

What I’m reading…April 2022

Haley Nicole

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