Alright, it’s that time of the year when I share my goals! These sure have looked different over the last several years, but I think it’s still fun!

  • Finish the Bible (I started in January 2022, and I hoped to have read it in a year…that’s not going to happen, but I am hoping to finish in early 2023.)
  • Read 10 books (I read 6 last year. I am not sure how it will be with having a newborn, but we’re going to try our best.)
  • Exercise regularly after baby girl’s arrival (I would love to do a big race, but I just don’t know what state of fitness my body will be in…so no pressure!)
  • Visit a new state
  • Take a solo trip as a family of 4
  • Record season 3 of GF the Podcast…and hit some crazy download goals
  • Get to know more people from this online space in person
  • Host more people in our home
  • Take more photos with my real camera
  • Print and organize photos…get caught up with all prints + photo books
  • Answer text messages in a reasonable amount of time

My word of the year is…


“existing or occurring now”

I’ve done a lot of thinking, and for this next year, I want to work to just be present, fully be in the moment and enjoy each day. I’m hopeful for where this mindset will bring me at the end of the year!

December 26, 2022

2023 Goals!

Haley Nicole

  1. Thank you Haley! PRESENT, thats a goal of mine as well.

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