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Thank you for Season 2 of Glamour Farms The Podcast

Well, that’s it! We’ve officially wrapped season 2 of Glamour Farms The Podcast! You can stream all of these episode directly from my site (here!) or you can listen wherever you typically listen to podcasts.

I am SO grateful that Season 2 was fun and successful in many ways. God is so good, and He blessed me with many connections and conversations that I didn’t think would happen. If you ever want to hear about how God has moved in me and through conversations, I’d personally love to chat with you!! I am hopeful that we will have another amazing season starting late this spring, but for now, I’m on maternity leave!

Thank you so much for listening to these conversations that I’ve been blessed by! I hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as me.

Here’s a few moments that have stuck with me:
– real life mom guilt moments with Chelsea Williams (ep. 25)
– friendships shouldn’t be out of obligation with Alexis Teichmiller (ep. 27)
– truths of miscarriage and losing a child with Ranzie Callahan (ep. 28)
– simple ways to have people over with Shannan Martin (ep. 29)
– asking questions about God WITH your kids with Ellie Holcomb (ep. 33)
– trusting in God’s timing with Kristin Peddicord (ep. 35)
– sticky situations with friendships with Kristin Winchester (ep. 43)
– decluttering and hyping up for the new year with Jill Comes Clean (ep. 44)
– why I need to exfoliate with Melissa of Refresh Beauty (ep. 45)
– honoring God with your marriage with Lisa Chan (ep. 46)
– we are called to be uncomfortable in our faith with Jessica Lauren (ep. 47)
– laughing about our own marriage with Hayden (ep. 49)

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