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We’re Expecting!!

Ahh!! Y’all, Hayden and I were SO excited to share the news on social media over the weekend that this fall we are expecting a little one! At times, it still doesn’t feel real! We are so blessed and thankful for the opportunity to be parents. We are so grateful for everyone that has reached out and checked in on us. This is only the beginning, and it’s so special to know that SO many people are excited to meet our son or daughter!

While I shared a few photos online this weekend, I wanted to post a few more (because that’s what I love!!). I always love making this blog a place that not only documents my professional life, but personal milestones as well!

I would like to ask if you could keep Hayden, myself, and sweet baby Klock in your prayers. All is well now, but we’d gladly take any and all prayers for good health and planning for this new life!

Alright – here’s the fun part – take a look through some of my favorites from our mini announcement photoshoot!

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