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Hey y’all, so it’s that time of year again – sunshine is finally making its way to the Midwest, temperatures are reaching the mid 50s and 60s, and we’re contemplating not layering up before heading out! It’s a BIG deal when we’ve been in a long winter and the hope of spring is on us! Even more exciting is the idea of spring photos – fluffy trees, blooming flowers, greener grass, and lots of sunshine! Yes, yes, YES!! However, for many of us – spring weather and the “look” of spring doesn’t appear as soon as March 1 arrives!

Here are my tips in planning the BEST spring photos in the Midwest!

  1. The later…the better? 

    In Southern Illinois, we typically start to see signs of spring in late March. However, keep in mind that weather changes at the flip of a switch around here – it really might snow in March (or even April!!). By mid-April there’s a good chance to see quite a few floral blooms. Leaves won’t completely cover trees until mid-to-late May! So, if you’re a graduating senior, try to nab a late March session or April session so you’ll still have your photos in time for graduation announcements!

  2. Wear bright colors!

    I’m not sure when it started, but pastels have been linked with spring time for SO long! While I’m a fan of a Tiffany blue dress or a light pink sweater here and there – be sure to add some sort of pop to your outfit amongst the pastels. You could even forgo pastels all together and opt for a bright and bold ensemble (bright yellow, blue, green, pink are all great options!). Pastels bring out the “spring-y” side, but at times can have the tendency to wash out who ever is wearing them!

  3. Be flexible!

    I had to laugh at this one, but it’s so so true!! Spring might be the most wish-washy time of the year to have your photo taken. Rain isn’t an ideal condition to have your photos taken in, and maybe your favorite spot is waterlogged – you just gotta go with the flow! Be willing to try something a little different! I always have several spots in mind so if an area is too mushy or doesn’t look spring-y yet we have more options!

I personally LOVE taking photos when the trees decide to bloom and getting some really fun images with that – so stay tuned – I might be opening some spots JUST for that!!

Class of 2020 Seniors – I have just a few spots left for senior photos, and Class of 2021 seniors – y’all get ready!! Summer is my FAVORITE time for senior sessions, and I’ll be opening up dates in April!!!!!

Here are some of my favorites springtime photos!

March 3, 2020

How to Get the BEST Spring Photos || Southern IL Photographer

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