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Hey friends, I am SO excited to share with you a new service by SSM Health – virtual visits!! If there was EVER a time for doctor visits to be virtual it would be now! 2020 has brought a lot of change and uncertainty. If you’re like me, I don’t like getting out of the house anymore – for really anything – and while going to the doctor should be a safe place, it makes me nervous of catching something there too!

SSM Health has started offering virtual visits for only $25 – with no insurance verification required! Y’all, seriously it’s cheaper than most co-pays, and it’s perfect for acute issues like ear infections, sinus infections, cold/coughs and they even offer some children’s services.

While this might seem like an odd service for me to share about – I can promise you that I’m more excited than EVER about this service, and I wished we would’ve had it in the weeks right after Beckham was born. Virtual visits are super helpful when you don’t want to leave your home, but they are also convenient when you’re on the road. Last year, before the pandemic hit, we went to a theme park with friends, one of them had an eye problem and their insurance had a speciality virtual visit option. It was the coolest thing – we stood in line for rollercoasters, and they chatted with a doctor at the same time. 🤯 I was super jealous because our insurance doesn’t offer a service like that – but now, it doesn’t matter!

Needing to make an online virtual visit today? Click this link to get started!

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January 4, 2021

SSM Health Virtual Visits!

Haley Nicole

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