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Big Cedar Lodge Branson Getaway 2021

What a blessing it was to get away for a whole week and be completely OFF THE GRID at Big Cedar Lodge! I haven’t done that since…ever?! I seem to always bring my laptop or need to get on my phone, but this week, I made sure to be off the grid. I didn’t have my real camera out too much – since I just wanted to relax, but I still was able to capture some photos with it. I know that while it does take a little more effort to capture photos on my real camera, I will be SO GLAD I did. If you’re a photographer, I’d highly encourage you to make time to capture photos of your own family (so often those photos get put to the back burner because of work).

Anyways, we stayed at our favorite place – Big Cedar Lodge, and it was such a great time. Beckham, Hayden, and myself went to Big Cedar in November when Beckham was just 6 weeks old! This experience was a lot different – a lot more mobile 😉 – but it was so fun! We love going every year with Hayden’s family, and it was so great to all be together again after a crazy 2020.

Traveling with a baby takes a little extra work and a LOT of extra packing, but it is SO worth it. Hayden and I decided that we want Beckham (and future kiddos) to experience much of the world. Growing up, I was able to travel a lot because of my dad’s work, and it helped me having a better understanding of what was beyond my “bubble.” We’re so glad that Beckham is such an easy-going little dude, and he is always up for a new adventure.

Take a look at part of our fun – you can see more of my iPhone photos on my Instagram. Not included in this post – but on my Instagram – the girls did a “coffee tour” of Branson, and it was one of my favorite parts of the week. I love coffee – and it is just so fun to experience it in different places.

See you next year, Big Cedar Lodge!

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